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SpywareBlaster Review- Blast Spyware For Free_905

SpywareBlaster Review: Blast Spyware For Free What is SpywareBlaster?

SpywareBlaster from Javacool can help keep your system spyware-free and secure, without interfering with the "good side" of the web. We sometime install software that bundles with spyware or adware and there are software that will not only spy on us but will damage or infect Windows. SpywareBlaster is a simple ,dell inspiron 9200 battery, program and yet effective in preventing installation of spyware and unwanted programs.

Installation and Set-up

SpywareBlaster is easy to install and configure. In just few clicks, the program will protect web browsers. After installation of SpywareBlaster, all you have to do is to update the database and enable all the protection for Firefox and Internet Explorer. You can close the program and ,hp laptop batteries, it will continue to protect the system. SpywareBlaster is compatible with popular anti-malware or anti-virus programs.


One of the great features in SpywareBlaster is it does not need to be running all the time to be protected from spyware. SpywareBlaster does not require scanning to look for spyware. When you enable the protection, it sets the kill-bit of the bad or malicious ,hp pavilion dv7 battery, CLSID as "1" to prevent installation of spyware or malicious software.

You can also use SpywareBlaster to:

Backup and restore important browser and system settings – other antispyware program will only reset your browser and system settings. With SpywareBlaster, you will have your customized settings again when you restore from the backup. Manage Internet Explorer’s Home, search and laptop53ds69 local pages of all users in Windows – If you have more than one user account, you can use SpywareBlaster to customize the pages in IE and the search page to use. Backup or restore Windows HOSTS file – malicious software can hijack Windows HOSTS file and this tool in SpywareBlaster allows you to have a good copy of Windows HOSTS file. Disable changes in Internet Explorer’s settings – if any user in your home ,hp pavilion dv2000 battery, or home office often change the settings in IE, or if unwanted program alter IE settings, enabling this option will prevent changes. Customize IE’s title bar - this is not a protection feature but you can use this tool in SpywareBlaster to change the title in use by Internet Explorer from "Microsoft Internet Explorer" or "Windows Internet Explorer" to another title. Example: ,hp pavilion dv9000 battery, "Default Browser" Flash Killer – there are malicious software that can take advantage of vulnerability in flash player! Also, a flash file is one of the methods by malware writers to infect computers. This tool allows you to disable Flash content. It’s like NoScript for Firefox. Custom Blocking – if you know the CLSID of a program, you can add your own blocklist.

SpywareBlaster currently protects ,hp pavilion dv1000 battery, 10,761 bad items and it is being updated often.

Screenshots of SpywareBlaster's FeaturesPrice to Value

SpywareBlaster is free for personal use and there is also a Network version of SpywareBlaster, a low-cost protection layer that provides unparalleled flexibility and control. SpywareBlaster is easy to use and it is effective in blocking web-based threats. $9.95 per year for automatic ,hp pavilion zv5000 battery, update of its protection database? That's a great deal!


SpywareBlaster doesn't scan and clean for spyware, it prevents it from ever being installed and this type of protection is what everybody should have – a prevention instead of cure. SpywareBlaster is a must-have program to help prevent spyware of your home or office PCs!

Be sure to check out our ,dell laptop batteries, review of Javacool's other free security product: EULAlyzer.

More Reviews!

Would you like to read more reviews? Look around Bright Hub and you’ll find reviews of numerous other leading security solutions including Norton Internet Security, Kaspersky Internet Security, ESET Smart Security, McAfee Total Protection, Blink Professional and ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite.</

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Securing a Linksys Network_431

Securing a Linksys Network Understanding Wireless Networking

The market for wireless networks continues to experience substantial growth as access to broadband service expands and the technology itself becomes less intimidating. Wireless components are widely available, relatively uncomplicated and affordable.

The heart of a wireless network is the router. This device allows multiple ,dell inspiron 9200 battery, remote computers equipped with 802.11 wireless adapters to connect to the internet simultaneously and provides freedom and flexibility to move within the signal area without disrupting the service.

Linksys is a division of Cisco Systems and is an industry leader in the development of home and office networking solutions. Linksys offers a wide array of networking products including a variety ,hp laptop batteries, of routers, adapters, modems, range expanders, bridges, networking software, and other accessories.

Unsecured Network Consequences

The actual installation of a Linksys home or office wireless network is relatively straight forward. Once the actual hard wired cabling between the router and the modem is installed, remote computers with an 802.11 adapter will recognize the network and offer a ,hp pavilion dv7 battery, point and click option for connection.

Unfortunately many home and small office administrators neglect a critical aspect of the process in failing to secure the network from a potential unwanted intrusion. The consequence of ignoring implementation of these critical security measures can often be severe.

An unsecured network is essentially an open invitation for bandwidth laptop53ds69 thieves and serious computer criminals. Without protection, the network will be detected by anyone with a wi-fi capable computer within the signal range. Connection is only a matter of a few mouse clicks, and the intruder can share the same network with the computers in the home or office.

In its most innocuous form, these broadband burglars simply tap into available connections to use the ,hp pavilion dv2000 battery, Internet without having to pay for it. There is no direct damage suffered by the network except for the possibility of degraded download speeds as well as additional bandwidth usage charges if the service is metered.

However, there are far more serious possible consequences for the unsuspecting unsecured network administrator who experiences a sophisticated malicious attack. Adept technophiles or ,hp pavilion dv9000 battery, “hackers” as they are sometimes called, can disrupt an operating system, download illegal material, plant viruses, and steal bank account or credit card information, all hidden behind the IP address of the victim.

Criminal activity will be traced back from the Internet Service Provider to the individual account holder. Depending on the severity of the cyber crime, the innocent victim can ,hp pavilion dv1000 battery, potentially find themselves spending significant time and resources restoring their computer system, finances, identity, and good name.

WEP or WPA Encryption

Having established that network security is an absolute necessity, it is important to recognize that software based firewalls on individual computers will only protect that specific computer and not the network itself. To secure the entire ,hp pavilion zv5000 battery, structure of the network from unwanted intrusion, security measures must be employed from within the router.

The two primary methods of securing a Linksys router are through the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) protocols. Although it is somewhat less complicated to install for the novice user, WEP is a far less secure method of protecting wireless networks than ,dell laptop batteries, the more recent WPA.

A combination of improving computer speeds along with software technology has made WEP’s use of a single encryption key relatively easy to unlock. WPA encoded systems employ unique and constantly changing encryption keys for every computer logged into the network, and therefore make it far more difficult to compromise. All current Linksys routers support WPA.


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Review of the Windows Vista Firewall_281

Review of the Windows Vista Firewall Windows Vista Firewall Review – A Quick Look

Though this is a Windows Vista Firewall Review, let us also check out the developments on the front of Microsoft regarding its early operating systems. Microsoft (MSFT or simply MS) did not include any default firewall into its Windows OS until it released Server 2003. As Server 2003 was for networking, ,dell inspiron 9200 battery, MSFT included a default firewall. People did not accept it– possibly because it was silent. Users never knew what was happening, and hence they presumed that the firewall was non-functional.

Though Microsoft released several other OS versions with the default Windows firewall, they too failed to gain the faith of users. The problem was again the same: Windows firewall would not give out ,hp laptop batteries, messages when any program requested access to the Internet. It however, displayed a message when it blocked a connection. With firewalls, people are interested in knowing what programs are connecting to the Internet and when. Probably, Microsoft did not want the firewall to present its users with frequent screens as with other third-party firewalls. The idea failed and led people to disable ,hp pavilion dv7 battery, Windows default firewall and use a third-party firewall.

With the Internet Connection Sharing that came with Windows XP, Microsoft had to introduce Internet Connection Firewall. However, people still preferred third party. Then with Vista, almost each Windows Vista firewall review online said that Vista was the most secure Windows operating system to date, even though most users disliked the OS laptop53ds69 owing to frequent problems.

Coming to year 2010, most Windows Vista Firewall reviews found on the Internet say that it carries the best system security compared to any of the previous OS versions released by Microsoft. Imagine the labor put in by the engineers at Microsoft – within a span of four years – not only to cover the flaws of earlier firewalls, but also to add further security and ,hp pavilion dv2000 battery, functionality to the Vista firewall. Microsoft Policy states it will release a new OS every four years. Windows 7 came two years early (2009) as Vista (2007) failed after MS released it nearly four years after XP (2003).

Working positively on the firewall, Vista finally brought in Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.

Windows Firewall with Advanced Security – Windows Vista ,hp pavilion dv9000 battery, Firewall Review

"The engineers at MSFT worked really smart to finally produce a Windows Firewall with Advanced Security," says the Windows Vista firewall review at one of the MSDN blogs. Windows Vista firewall looked pretty normal without many changes when compared to Windows XP. Microsoft designed it in a way that the firewall could be used at two levels– the first being common users ,hp pavilion dv1000 battery, who can easily configure it, and the second level being "computer experts" who can add their own "rules" to the firewall.

First level users are people with basic knowledge of computers. MSFT designed the interface of Windows Vista firewall with Advanced Security in a fashion that even a person with minimal knowledge can configure it easily. (See Fig).

The second, ,hp pavilion zv5000 battery, higher level of customization allows users to add outbound rules, add customized network rules based on user rights and security policies. It also allows firewall settings as per user profiles if there are multiple user profiles on a single computer. Customization requires knowledge of C++/VBScript. Thus, Windows Vista firewall eliminates the need for third party firewalls for even corporate LANs. ,dell laptop batteries, LAN designers can always customize it using Windows firewall API calls.

Note: This is a personal Windows Vista firewall review based on content from MSDN. Bright Hub advises you not to use it as a verdict. Make your own inquiries before you choose the firewall for your computer/network. You can also check the other Bright Hub article on Windows Vista firewall review before reaching a decision.

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Review of Best Photo Printers (under $700)_5009

Review of Best Photo Printers (under $700) Best Photo Printers Under $700

Not sure what about choosing the right printer for you. Read >>> Buying the right printer

Below is a list of the best Photo Printers you can buy for under $700. All offerhighly impressive print quality (dare we say Photo Lab quality?),outstandingflexibility and control of print media, image editing and advanced features.

HP Photosmart Pro B9180Price at time of review - $650

The Good

Great looking printer, only creates a medium size footprint and delivers consistent results. Professional pigment-ink photo quality, can easily deliver re-sellable prints. Crystal clear image projection onto a wide variety of output ,dell inspiron 9200 battery, media. Photo quality lasts. Exceptional 8 color ink palette and color management, providing gallery level vibrancy, brightness and contrast. Outstanding print speeds for such a high quality color inkjet printer. High capacity ink cartridges are long lasting and practical to assemble. Making the unit cost effective. Control panel is intuitive, with a great depth of service and configuration in one easy to navigate menu system. The HP Color Centre tool is highly informative to help get the most from the printer.

The Bad

Some drop off in quality with 'no name' brands of media. Thus, considering the price of the printer and quality it 'can' deliver, it is recommended you buy HP consumables. Running costs can be high, especially ,hp laptop batteries, if running constant or heavy duty print jobs. Paper handling can be ‘clunky'; care needs to be taken when positioning trays and feeders. Requires some level of manual calibration. Canon Pixma Pro 9500Price at time of review - $650

The Good

Solid design, pleasing on the eye, with a reasonably small footprint for such a high spec printer. Robust and highly reliable. A real workhorse printer. Professional photo quality for super fine, gallery quality printing. An almost photo lab quality printer, best in class for pure B/W photo printing. Outstanding color to on-screen matches.Vivid with perfect contrast and brightness. Cartridges are reasonably priced for such ahigh spec printer. Bets in class for large ,hp pavilion dv7 battery, format print quality, and has extensive capabilities for a whole range of other media types. Delivers great results with all major printer paper types, especially fine etching paper.

The Bad

Doesn't provide truly photo lab quality with glossy paper, but the difference is very slight. Deepest shades can appear matted, making gloss-optimized inks a must for the expert photo enthusiast. Not for the novice user, setting up paper and color configuration is complicated for optimum/professional output. Slow to print in comparison to HP Photosmart B9810. Epson Stylus R2400Price at time of review - $600

The Good

Outstanding design, a great little compact unit for such a laptop53ds69 quality printer. Small footprint, minimal eye-sore. UltraChrome K3 inks produce stunning color and even more outstanding B/W. Resilient print output (Epson say it's fade resistant for 200 years but is anyone going totest that in a lifetime!) Excellent paper handling and paper paths provide superb results - matte, glossy, canvas, roll, posterboard, etc.

The Bad

Cartridges are reasonably priced but don't have the longest lifespan once installed, i.e. can clog up if unused for a duration of time. As such not the most economical with ink usage. Configuration and profiling could be more intuitive, troubleshooting guides not up to much. Paper feed requires care when using non-standard media, although I've not heard of, nor come ,hp pavilion dv2000 battery, across problems with wasted ink or media. The printer is not the quietest of those reviewed here, but for such a small and robust workhorse unit this is a marginal issue. HP 2800DT Business InkjetPrice at time of review - $550

The Good

Professional, slick design chassis -a superb compact printer, minimal footprint, optimum performance. Print speeds are best in class for speed to quality comparisons.18ppm color, 21ppm b/w, which isn't far off the manufacturers stated 24ppm color and 21ppm b/w. Print quality of documents and presentation material is best in class, making this a sure winner for home office/small business users. Exceptional print management and job ,hp pavilion dv9000 battery, scheduling, with a great bundle of software which helps deliver plug and play operability. Does not require the hands on expertise of the other photo quality printers in this range. All in all a superior business inkjet.

The Bad

Not the ultra smooth professional delivery of the Epson R2400 or Canon Pixma Pro 9500. Photographic quality is ever so slightly grainier than those mentioned above, (it is marginal but to the professional eye, it is noticeable). Duplex printing is slow when producingcolor copy, i.e. brochures, leaflets. As is wide format printing. Xerox Phaser 8560NPrice at time of review - $500

The Good

Excellent design build, clean lines,professional ,hp pavilion dv1000 battery, look and feel but a large footprint. Best in class for speed and resilience. Can withstand considerableuse without the need for manual intervention or re-calibration. The Xerox Phaser range can churn out quality copy all day. Outstanding input and output tray capacity,feeder for all types of media works a charm. Duplex printing is impressively quick and of an excellent quality. Crisp text based printing, professional b/w quality and vivid color printing. Cost per page is around the cheapest in all the color inkjet ranges. Replacing individual inks is simple and cost effective.

The Bad

Xerox heat sensitive ink technology is not on a par with theEpson UltraKrome K3 inks. Bulky printer, has the look and feel of a LaserJet. Needs to ,hp pavilion zv5000 battery, be viewed in person prior to purchase. Check dimensions before buying for the home or small office. Ink distribution is not quite as sharp as the Canon or HP models reviewed above. Thus color photos are not photo lab quality. A noisy printer, even in standby mode. Which you want to use to conserve ink. ... and a special mention to...Epson Stylus Photo R800Price at time of review - $350

This printer is not in the top 5 photo printers, but for the price, and certainly for the intermediate photo enthusiast who thinks $500+ is a little too much to spend, this is the one for you...

The Good

Solid design will stand considerable bumps and ,dell laptop batteries, bruises. Excellent A4 Printer for the photo enthusiast. Great plug-in and go printer. Best in class picture quality, outstanding with watercolors.Superior to most printers even those in thehigher price bracket. General print quality is very sharp and lasts, with no considerable fade or smear. Consumables and replacement costs are reasonable, in proportion to the cost of the printer.

The Bad

Output is not as vivid in color or bright as the Epson dye-based ink printers. The Configuration/control panel could be more intuitive. But for half the price of those above it is a great buy, if not quite producingphoto lab standard prints.

Looking for a quality Color Inkjet Printer on a budget.Review of Best Photo Printers (under $150)

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